Posted on Oct 05, 2021

EcoEducation: Electric Bike Revolution

Have you tried an Electric bike yet?  We got some great information from the folks at PowerBikes  A few of our Members have used eBikes for transportation in and around the cities as a great alternative to a car for short trips.  You can try out the concept of an eBike by using the NiceRide bikes and if you want to try out a more top of the line electric bike you can rent one at PowerBikes. 
A few misconceptions about eBikes that our meeting dispelled
-- eBikes don't diminish exercise.  People tend to ride more often and for longer on an eBike than on a mechanical bike.  The calories burned on an eBike are only 20-30% less than on a mechanical bike. 
-- eBikes are not "too fast"  Speeds that are assisted max out at 20-28 miles per hour.  You can pedal your bike faster than that, but the motor will no longer be assisting you.  
Electric Bicycles are great for commuting and the folks at PowerBikes can answer your questions - including which brands of electric bikes have the most sustainable production practices.  They can walk you through all the different specs of what you may want to consider for a bike of your own.  eBikes are pretty pricey - similar to top of the line mechanical bikes.  Batteries are becoming lighter while providing more range.