Posted on Nov 15, 2019

EcoFellowship: A Cup of Bird-Friendly Coffee at Sparrow Cafe

In a previous EcoClub meeting we learned that coffee is just one of many monoculture crops that destroy habitat. Many migratory songbirds that fly south for the winter months find less and less habitat - with coffee plantations contributing to this reduction. Your caffeine habit can encourage coffee farmers to adopt practices of growing coffee in the shade of tree canopies. This can almost quadruple the number of bird species that land can support when compared with open fields. 

On Saturday, a few members of the EcoClub (and a few guests!) practically took over the Sparrow Cafe.  It was a great morning of delicious coffee (I absolutely recommend the Swedish Latte with cardamom -- wow!) that is certified to be from bird-friendly plantations.  The conversation was far ranging and, as always, welcoming and interesting.   

P.S. our guests had found this event on our MeetUp page and were intrigued! - this is what we hope you will do -- come to our next meeting whether it is for fellowship, education, or service and check out the EcoClub)

What a great group!