EcoFellowship: Naturalist Led Snowshoe Hike

Another brilliant and beautiful day offered up by Mother Earth for members of the EcoClub to connect with each other and the natural world.  The temps were seasonally high, the snow glistening, and EcoClubbers had a blast on the second annual naturalist led snowshoe hike.  See how "annual" snuck its way in there.  That means we have to do it next year!  There is something invigorating about a winter day when spring is in the air.  
The event began with an education around the history of snow shoes and how each of the models developed, by whom and why based on the environment this people were in. From there, a trained naturalist guided the group on our own private 1.5 hour snow shoe hike that included a history of the land and how its ecology had been changed and altered based on the people that can from Sweden to settle there. We also learned that Three Rivers has a team of people who do research the land and try to learn more about its history for further education of their parks.  It was a blessed day filled with fun and laughter and exercise and friends new (Daniel and Wendy) and old.