Posted on Dec 12, 2021

EcoStewardship: Minnesota Climate Conversation

Participants from three generations took part in the EcoClub sponsored Minnesota Climate Conversation. 
Our own Todd Beiwen and Liz Andress as well as several club members who volunteered to facilitate small group breakouts, led us and guests in a thought provoking conversation about:
  • why the impacts of a changing climate is worthy of our action
  • changes we wish to see in our communities
  • actions we can take ourselves
  • knowledge and skills and resources that we can contribute to climate action
This was part of a statewide effort to engage citizens in personal, focused, creative conversations about addressing climate change. Our ideas will be submitted to the state.  But hearing from everyone was motivating and inspiring.  Our ideas were far ranging and creative.  Some ideas came from all of the insight we've gained from our guest speakers and some came from our personal experiences and knowledge.  Learning from each other and taking action together is one of the great aspects of EcoClub.