Rotary EcoClub is turning information into ACTION and anyone can participate - especially you!
January and February 2021:  Reduce your use of road salt this winter
March and April 2021:  Have a day of Zero Waste

The EcoClub will develop periodic challenges designed to help us all be more aware that individuals can make a difference in the global effort to preserve our planet.

  • Each EcoChallenge is a concrete action that you as an individual can take to contribute to maintaining a sustainable healthy ecology for our state and our planet.
  • We'll include information on why taking this particular EcoChallenge action matters. 
  • Each EcoChallenge is inspired by the information shared at Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub meetings by local organizations or by passions and interests of our members. We'll include some information about these organizations and interests.
To participate in the EcoChallenge:
  • Make a personal commitment that you will complete each challenge as it is presented each month. 
  • Share your commitment as well as the success and hurdles you encounter when completing the challenge.
    • Please share with us, the EcoClub:  Tag us on social media and use the hashtags #rotaryecoclub  and #ecochallenge  Send us a note at  Come to our next meeting and tell us in person
    • Please share with your friends and family:  Individual action compounds when more people are involved
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