Posted on Nov 04, 2019

EcoEducation: Climate Reality: Climate Change and its Impact on Minnesota

The Climate Reality Project is a global initiative to spread awareness of climate change and solutions by empowering everyday people to become activists, equipped with the tools, training, and network to fight for solutions and drive change planet-wide.  Climate Reality Leaders Lynn Scott and Clark Gregor gave the EcoClub an informative presentation tailored to Rotary and Minnesota. 

The duo asked us to keep the Rotary 4 way test in mind while their presentation answered three important questions: Must we change?  Can we change? and Will we change?  The message was simultaneously sobering and hopeful.  

Minnesota sees the most warming when looking at our winters.  When you look at our yearly temperatures, our average yearly temperature has risen 3.2 degrees since 1950.  When you look at just our winter months (December through March) the average has risen 4.5 degrees.  Not only does a warmer winter affect our identity as the nation's icebox, it also reduces habitat for our iconic tree species, creates the right conditions for more pests including tics and mosquitoes and threatens outdoor recreation and agricultural livelihoods. 

Lynn and Clark also shared with us some stats about the actions that Minnesotans are taking to address climate change.  For example, Minnesota has more community solar gardens than any other state in the nation.  

Coming up on Nov 20-21, the Climate Reality Project is putting on 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action.  Use this map to locate a presentation near you.