What Is Rotary EcoClub
Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub is a new*, non‐traditional** Rotary  club  with  a  focus  on  environmental  sustainability.   
The Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub provides its membership with opportunities for:
  • Fellowship and Networking:  We are professionals of all ages living and working in the Twin Cities Metro area.  Our meetings and outings are designed to help us make connections among ourselves, our metro community and greater Minnesota. (look for the tag "fellowship" in club stories)
  • Service and Stewardship:  Members participate in projects large and small that make positive impact in our shared natural world through stewardship of our environment and resources or through service projects. (look for the tags "service" and "stewardship" in club stories)
  • Learning to Help Sustain our Planet:  Our biweekly meetings feature speakers from organizations across the state who are contributing to environmental sustainability in diverse and interesting ways.  (look for the tag "education" in club stories)
Meet our club leadership and our membership.  We are currently accepting new members.
Join us at our next meeting to learn more about Twin Cities Rotary EcoClub. 
*The Rotary EcoClub attained chartered status within Rotary International on February 19, 2019. 
**Being a non-traditional club, means that membership is possible for more people.  Our meetings are less frequent and are held in the early evenings.  Learn more about this new approach to Rotary
Being a part of Rotary International gives the EcoClub a proven framework of service and community and resources with which to make significant impact in its focus of environmental sustainability.  Learn more about Rotary International.